Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Here's to you Teachers!  Yes, you!  The one that is wiping snot off faces.  The one that has to eat in 10 minutes flat.  The one who spends half her salary at the Dollar Tree and Target.  The one that works weekends to get everything just right.  The one that LOVES her students more than anything and treats them as if they were her own, all 25 of them.  Here's to YOU!  

Teachers everywhere and Teachers Pay Teachers is offering an amazing site wide SALE!  Find some fabulous goodies to get you through the last few weeks of school or sock up on some wonderful products for the beginning of the year!  Click any of the buttons below to be taken directly to my store!

All of the following packs are Common Core aligned.  It has been so hard for me to find resources to use to teach the common core standards.  I'm talking assessments, homework, supplemental activities.  These packs address just that!  They are seriously so fantastic.  They are TEACHER TIMESAVERS! 

Included: Vocabulary Cards, Task Cards, Group Activities, Partner Games, Formative Assessments, Assessments, Homework sheets, supplemental worksheets!  

Included: Practice Pages, Assessments, Center Activities, Partner Games, Interactive Games and so much more!

Included: 120's boards of all varieties, Partner Games, Formative Assessments, Center Activities, Practice Pages, Supplemental Activities and so much more!  

I do hope that you will check out my store friends.  I appreciate all of you and your hard work as teachers! 

Here's to YOU friends!

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