Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Bucket List

I'm joining in on the fun and making my Summer Bucket list!  This an ongoing list.  There are too many to write down and bore you all with.  So this is a start!  

My Summer Bucket List...

1.  Packing Up this House!  School is out in 4 days!  The countdown to moving is on.  I have 3 weeks to get my house AND classroom packed up.  Teachers really have it bad.  We have to pack up way too much!  When you are a coaches wife, you end up packing up about every other year!  I can't wait to be with Mr. Coach in Alabama though!  It's 'bout time!

2.  Embarrassing to say, but I have had this pinned for like two years.  I have a slight jewelry obsession.  Mostly necklaces.  But like I always say, you don't look fat in jewelry and can't outgrow it.  Moving into a new place means I get to organize my jewelry in a new way too!  I am going to be on the lookout for this beauty.

3.  READ!  I feel like I never get to read any books during the school year.  I am not talking professional development books either.  I am talking chick-lit, mysteries, anything besides a picture book.  Sometimes you just need to read something for yourself!  I have a list of books that I want to read and can't wait to have some "me time"!

No Pic here, because I haven't gotten the cover done. Procrastinate Much?  Yup. 

4. Finish up my last pack in the Common Core Crazy series!  This one will cover Algebraic Thinking and Operations.  I have been slowly working on it, but have completely lost my mojo.  If you find it, please let me know.  I want to get it done so then I can bundle it all together for a lower price!  

Well that is all I have.  This little blog has been neglected.  I promise it's for a good reason!  That is going to have to wait though!  Until next time friends!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Five for Friday- Champs

Happy Friday friends!  I for one am so excited!  We have 8 days of school left! Say what?  How many days do you have left?  Well I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring you some random moments from Room 105. 
1. P.E. Olympic Champs-  Yes, remember last week when I showed you the pic of our Dance Off.  Well the little kiddies pulled it off and we got P.E. Olympics Champions!  It came with a trophy and everything.  I had absolutely nothing to do with them winning, but you better believe I did a little victory dance!  Hey it's the little things!
2.  I was lucky enough to have my mama in town on Mother's Day!  She seriously is amazing and I have so much fun with her.  Is she not just gorgeous!  Seriously she does not look like she is old enough to have a 30 year old daughter!  I had so much fun celebrating her this past weekend.  We cooked (well she cooked!) and watched movies.  It was perfect!

3.  We have been busy learning about Planets and our Solar System.  Let me tell you, my kids had so much fun learning about this stuff.  They had so many questions and it was so thrilling to see their little minds at work.  We got to make up our own planet and then write about it.  The one above said that her planet was made of Love.  Precious souls these littles. 

4.  This was from a couple weeks ago, but I forgot to blog about it.  We made our own plant out of construction paper and then labeled it.  I loved how each one of them turned out so different!

5.  Sentence Dictation- I leave you with a little funny.  The sentence above was supposed to say, "See the red brace."  But instead she wrote, "See the red bras."  I laughed.  Pretty hard.  It cracks me right up some of the things that they write by mistake. 
Well that's it.  I hope to be back soon with something exciting.  This blog is in desperate need of it.  Have a great weekend friends!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Five for Friday+ a FREEBIE!

I truly hope that all you wonderful teachers had a fabulous Teacher Appreciation Week!  I sure did and if you stick with me you can see why at the end of my post!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching, "Five for Friday!"  Sorry if this is long winded.  I have a tendency to explain things a bit!

1.  "The big hairy woman ate a little green dinosaur."  First graders crack me right up!  During center time one of my little cuties came and got me so I could see his "hilarious" (his word) sentence!  I laughed out loud.  Hey at least they are building sentences!  This game is called "Silly Sentences".  I got it from Lakeshore and it is a class favorite!

2. P.E. Olympics "Dance Off"- We seriously have the most fun P.E. teacher.  She does P.E. Olympics every year and the kids just LOVE it.  They have class challenges, individual challenges, and finally the dance off.  All the teachers look forward to this every year and we gladly will give up our planning time just so we can see our kids break it down.  I will proudly say that I have got some talented kids who can drop it like it's hot!  

3.  Assistant Principal/ High School Boys Head Basketball Coach/ Fill-in Lunch Lady
Our sweet lunch ladies were short-handed the other day and asked our A.P. to help them out.  He was a little too excited about doing it.  He stopped in my classroom to tell me that he was doing it and he was so excited.  Well during our lunch the firefighters came to do one of the spontaneous drills.  So here is our A.P. directing everyone.  It was a pretty humorous day!

4.  Bear- This is the face that I have to stare at everyday when I am getting ready for work.  Seriously.  Is this not just the saddest, cutest face you have ever seen.  I always tell him I will be back later.  I don't think he believes me.  

5.  Teacher Appreciation-  I don't need gifts to let me know that I mean a lot to my kids, but man it sure does feel nice!  But really, I feel appreciated everyday of the year with all the handmade pictures, flowers picked at recess and all those other little gifts we receive.  But this was sure a nice "happy"!

6.  Flying home- I got to visit Mr. Coach last weekend.  The countdown is on... in about a month I will finally be living in the same place as my sweet hubs again.  School is almost out and that means I get to move!  Still haven't found a job yet so please please pray that I will get something soon!

Here is a freebie I offered last week but just in case you missed it!
Click on the pic to go to my store to get it!

I know that was actually 6 things but it was a pretty packed week and I couldn't leave anything out!  I hope everyone got a lot of wonderful things at the Teacher Appreciation Sale.  I had a few things bought from my store.  Still working on new things and trying my hardest to get my name out there!  Hope everyone has a great weekend friends!  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Here's to you Teachers!  Yes, you!  The one that is wiping snot off faces.  The one that has to eat in 10 minutes flat.  The one who spends half her salary at the Dollar Tree and Target.  The one that works weekends to get everything just right.  The one that LOVES her students more than anything and treats them as if they were her own, all 25 of them.  Here's to YOU!  

Teachers everywhere and Teachers Pay Teachers is offering an amazing site wide SALE!  Find some fabulous goodies to get you through the last few weeks of school or sock up on some wonderful products for the beginning of the year!  Click any of the buttons below to be taken directly to my store!

All of the following packs are Common Core aligned.  It has been so hard for me to find resources to use to teach the common core standards.  I'm talking assessments, homework, supplemental activities.  These packs address just that!  They are seriously so fantastic.  They are TEACHER TIMESAVERS! 

Included: Vocabulary Cards, Task Cards, Group Activities, Partner Games, Formative Assessments, Assessments, Homework sheets, supplemental worksheets!  

Included: Practice Pages, Assessments, Center Activities, Partner Games, Interactive Games and so much more!

Included: 120's boards of all varieties, Partner Games, Formative Assessments, Center Activities, Practice Pages, Supplemental Activities and so much more!  

I do hope that you will check out my store friends.  I appreciate all of you and your hard work as teachers! 

Here's to YOU friends!