Sunday, March 31, 2013

Craftivity Fun!

Hi friends!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter!  I spent it driving 7 hours in a car, but I got to go and see Mr. Coach this weekend!  He is already moved to Alabama and I am finishing my year in Arkansas, so anytime I get to see him I am on it!!  

I wanted to do a quick update as to what we have been doing in our classroom! 

First of is the Bunny Hop Craftivity from a Cupcake for the Teacher.   Y'all, I LOVE her stuff.  I seriously own every craft she has ever done.  She is so creative and my littles just go gaga over all of them!  Seriously go check them out, but I am sure you are already as obsessed with them as me!

The one on the right says, "I will say hi to the kids and to the moms and dads and hide the eggs and close my eyes."  Ha!

The second one is from one of my little ESL sweeties and this is AMAZING that he did this.  His says, "I can hop.  I can hide eggs."  He was so proud of himself and so was I!

The next activity we did was from The Bubbly Blonde!  I absolutely adored this writing craftivity.  I did it just in time to be displayed for parent/teacher conferences.  The parents loved looking at what their kids hope to improve at and what they feel they are doing great at!  So proud of all the progress my little ones are making!  Click on the link to go to her store!

Well that is all I got!   I am planning on coming back this week with a little freebie!  I am also in the middle of working on my next Common Core Crazy pack for first grade math!  I hope to have it finished by this next weekend!  Have a great week friends and thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Woohoo! Common Core Crazy: DONE!

It's DONE!!!  I finally finished my first product!  It is jam packed with all things Numbers and Operation in Base Ten for 1st grade.  As many of you know it is very hard to find supplemental materials that are right on target for each skill.  I think that this pack will serve the right purpose and I am so excited to share it with all of you!  I plan on doing this for all the Common Core standards in math.

In this giant pack you will find at least 4 or more pages to go along with each standard that falls under NBT.  There is also a fun Partner Dice Game that you can use in small groups or whole group!  I like to use the activities in this pack in the small group setting but it would also be a great assessment tool!  Ok enough of the blabbing!  Just click on the link below!

I will give this pack away to the first 2 people who post a comment!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Common Core Crazy!

I am in the process of finishing my first product!  I am putting a lot of heart and soul into this thing in hopes that everyone will love it!  This packet will cover Numbers and Operation in Base Ten for 1st grade.  I am hoping to make these packets for all of the standards.  Here is a little preview of what is in it.

I am hoping to have this finished by the weekend.  I have the dreaded Parent/Teacher Conferences this week!  Aaaahhhhh!  25 conferences will be the death of me!  I will be back this week to post some pictures of what we have been up to this week in Room 105!  Until then... stay awesome!