Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hey everyone!  School starts Monday and I am all kinds of excited to get this year underway!  My classroom is all ready for a new batch of 1st graders!  My heart is happy!  Here is a peek in to my classroom!

Those blue cabinets you see are the ONLY storage I have in this classroom.  I had to bring a lot of things home unfortunately to store.  But I am pleased with how the room turned out!

Lots of blank bulletin boards but that will change in coming weeks!  My room is huge and I love it!

Ok on to the real purpose of this post!  I am throwing a Back to School SALE!  Click on the button below to go directly to my store!

Here are some of my products that will be on SALE for the next 2 days!!!

Common Core Crazy:  Measurement and Data

Common Core Crazy: Numbers and Operation in Base Ten

Common Core Crazy: Geometry

Rockin' Roll and Read!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you are starting school on Monday like I am, then have a great 1st day!  Bye for now!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I promise I'm still alive! Here is a glimpse into what I've been doing!!!

I got a job!!! So thankful! I will be teaching 1st grade at a fabulous school! I am so excited and blessed to be working with such an amazing group of ladies! 

My room was a blank slate when I walked in. But I have made some major improvements and I will be back tomorrow to show you some updated pictures! The before and after is amazing! Meet the teacher is on Thursday so it has to be done!  

I'll also be back to tell you if I'm having a boy or girl! I'm 21 weeks now! Woohoo! 

Talk to you soon!